I'm your health coach, and I'll be here to support and guide you on your road to heath.

Your first step is to complete the health assessment and get your Patient Q Score. This score places you in a queue of 100 people to see how healthy you are. The assessment will take around 10 minutes to complete, but if you need to stop part way through, we'll remember any answers already given.

Once you have your score, you'll be able to access all tools and support materials.

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  • "The test has definitely been of huge benefit to me... I already feel so much better." - Lisa Jarmin, mum & blogger

    score bg Scored 78
    Lisa Jarmin - MyHealth
  • "Truly understanding the health implicatyions of contunuing to lead an unhealthy lifestyle is a real wakeup call" - Dr Sarah Jarvis

    score bg Scored 82
    Dr Sarah Jarvis - MyHealth
  • "MyHealth gives people an accurate view of their health status" - George Ford

    score bg Scored 87
    Dr Sarah Jarvis - MyHealth
Winner of the Royal Society for Public Health award

How it works - 3 simple steps

  1. Step 1

    Put yourself in a queue of 100 people just like you

    Your place in the queue helps you visualise your risk of experiencing cardiovascular disease in the future as well as identifying what impact your lifestyle is having on your health.

  2. Step 2

    Set goals and get a tailored health coach

    Whether you're looking at losing a bit of weight, becoming more active or cutting down your alcohol consumption, you can set the goals to improve your score.

  3. Step 3

    Track your progress, reach your goals

    Update your trackers regularly and you'll be able to see where any blips have occurred, allowing you to do something about them and reduce the chances of them happening again.

The health of the Nation infographic

"By logging on to MyHealth and working out how health your life really is, you can access sensible, practical advice on the sort of changes which would benefit you the most - Dr Sarah Jarvis

Dr Sarah Jarvis - MyHealth Get your health score today